Welcome to Fallen Empires Studios.


Fallen Empires Studios.

We are a Development team, with many modding projects for the Wildfire Games Community, and their powerful game, 0.A.D.

Licensed under Creative Commons.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Fallen Empires Studios.

  1. Hello Everyone,
    Lion and I are extremely excited to begin work on this mod. Just a note to all (prospective) team members: send us your emails and we can get you started with tasks! All progress will be posted on this blog and on a soon-to-come moddb page.

  2. I guess you guys already have my email, uh? Just send me a task and i’ll start doing it ASAP. Also, my skype (ID in my wildfire forum profile), is always on when i’m online (including when in class, so forgive me if i can’t talk with you in any specific moment).

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